Claw Machine Game TOREBA

User Guide

What is Toreba?

Toreba allows you to remotely play real crane games through the internet.
Any prizes you have won can be shipped to your place.
Replay videos may also be uploaded, allowing you to watch your previous games and observe games played by others.

Play Guide

1. Choose a machine on which to play.
Choose a machine from the list at the top of the screen.
2. Purchase TP (Toreba Points)
To purchase TP, click the button.
3. Reserving a Session
Push the button at the top-right of the screen to reserve a game.
(Play will begin immediately if there is nobody before you.)
If someone is already playing, [Reserve] will be displayed. If nobody is playing, [Play] will be displayed.
4. Start Playing
Your point balance is displayed beneath [1PLAY]. You cannot play if your point balance is lower than the required TP points.
You can add points by clicking on reservation once and pressing credit.
Then, you will see right begin flashing.
You can control the crane with this button and play one session by spending the required TP points.
*Please note that you must begin the session with a certain time period, or the session will time out.
(↑literal traslation. It basically means "you need to start the session within certain limit of time.)
5. List of Current Machines
Shows the list of machines in service. When you click on a picture, you are transferred to the corresponding machine.
6. Controlling the Camera
You can check the position of the prizes with the Camera Buttons .
For real machines only, you can zoom in/zoom out by putting the cursor on ,
moving to the left/right, pressing , or turning the mouse wheel in the middle of the screen.
7. Operating the Arm
Move the arm on the right by clicking the right button, and then move it forward by clicking the depth button.
8. How to Quit Playing
If you want to quit playing, click the button at the top-right part of the screen.
You can choose to quit even if you still have TP in possession. However, you cannot quit during a game, and must wait for the game to end before quitting.

About Shipping

* Excluding: South America / Africa

Free shipping campaign currently in progress! (Available once every 7 days. Not available for South America / Africa)

For international shipping, fee is determined by total weight and location.
* The following table indicates the default shipping rates.
weight Asia North, Central America / Oceania / Middle East Europe South America / Africa
1,000g or less 21,000TP 37,000TP 37,000TP 41,000TP
2,000g or less 33,000TP 61,000TP 60,000TP 73,000TP
3,000g or less 43,000TP 83,000TP 81,000TP 103,000TP
4,000g or less 53,000TP 105,000TP 102,000TP 133,000TP
5,000g or less 63,000TP 127,000TP 123,000TP 163,000TP
6,000g or less 73,000TP 149,000TP 144,000TP 193,000TP
7,000g or less 81,000TP 168,000TP 162,000TP 214,000TP
8,000g or less 89,000TP 187,000TP 180,000TP 235,000TP
9,000g or less 97,000TP 206,000TP 198,000TP 256,000TP
10,000g or less 105,000TP 225,000TP 216,000TP 277,000TP
11,000g or less 113,000TP 244,000TP 234,000TP 298,000TP
12,000g or less 121,000TP 263,000TP 252,000TP 319,000TP
13,000g or less 129,000TP 282,000TP 270,000TP 340,000TP
14,000g or less 137,000TP 301,000TP 288,000TP 361,000TP
15,000g or less 145,000TP 320,000TP 306,000TP 382,000TP
16,000g or less 153,000TP 339,000TP 324,000TP 403,000TP
17,000g or less 161,000TP 358,000TP 342,000TP 424,000TP
18,000g or less 169,000TP 377,000TP 360,000TP 445,000TP
19,000g or less 177,000TP 396,000TP 378,000TP 466,000TP
20,000g or less 185,000TP 415,000TP 396,000TP 487,000TP
21,000g or less 193,000TP 434,000TP 414,000TP 508,000TP
22,000g or less 201,000TP 453,000TP 432,000TP 529,000TP
23,000g or less 209,000TP 472,000TP 450,000TP 550,000TP
24,000g or less 217,000TP 491,000TP 468,000TP 571,000TP
25,000g or less 225,000TP 510,000TP 486,000TP 592,000TP
26,000g or less 233,000TP 529,000TP 504,000TP 613,000TP
27,000g or less 241,000TP 548,000TP 522,000TP 634,000TP
28,000g or less 249,000TP 567,000TP 540,000TP 655,000TP
29,000g or less 257,000TP 586,000TP 558,000TP 676,000TP
30,000g or less 265,000TP 605,000TP 576,000TP 697,000TP